Like a Beef Wellington but better!  8 oz filet mignon (beef tenderloin) enveloped in a duxelles of mushrooms and wrapped in light and buttery puff pastry.  Served with scalloped potatoes and spinach.

Cauliflower smothered in a creamy cheesy Béchamel sauce. Great on it’s own (vegetarian), with a salad, or meats.

Roasted chicken rolled in flaky croissant dough with ham, and Swiss and provolone cheeses, served with broccoli florets.

Straight from my time in Marseille, this soup dish is thick with fish, shellfish, and potatoes. Served with a super of rouille, a beautiful rich saffron and garlic sauce, perfect on a piece of toast or mixed in the soup.

The French sister of Salmon Wellington – Salmon filet wrapped on a bed of spinach and wrapped in a light puff pastry. Served with roasted vegetables.

This may be the most famous dish to savored on St. Patrick’s Day, but I enjoy this Irish classic all year long. Corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.

Baked tilapia with an island style banana salsa, served with a vegetable rice medley. (mildly spicy)