Pommes Aligot are a blend of whipped mashed potatoes with delicious melted cheese, a traditional French dish from the Midi-Pyrénées in the South of France. Served with Andouille sausage and haricots verts.

Tender chicken with a mushroom and shallot cream sauce, over tricolor rotini pasta. Substitute pasta for spaghetti squash

Duck à l’orange is a classic French recipe, perfect for the holidays or any special occasion.  Boasting a deep and savory flavor, this whole duck leg is the epitome of healthy and hearty, high-quality meat. Its robust flavor is met with a mouthwatering tenderness, served with a rich orange sauce with layers of flavor, and roasted sliced potatoes.

An “elegant” dish – pork parcels stuffed with a blend of seasoned veal/pork/beef, braised in an amazing sauce, and served with  purée of potato and cauliflower, garnished with green beans.

Classic French lamb stew straight from my grandmother Henriette’s cuisine. Packed with flavor, simmered  with carrots, turnips, and potatoes.

Pommes Dauphinoise are rich and creamy scalloped potatoes, meltingly tender and oh so good.

Deliciously juicy garlic and rosemary seasoned pork loin medallions served with potatoes dauphinoise—rich and creamy scalloped potatoes, meltingly tender and oh so good.

Aa delicious combination chicken breasts and penne pasta with the creamy and deep flavors of garlic and fine herbs Boursin cheese, and a mix of primavera vegetables (vegetarian option available).

This traditional dish from Toulouse is a perfect hearty soul-warming stew for cooler weather. It is brimming with great flavors, with a duck leg confit, sausage, and white Cannellini beans simmered with aromatic vegetables.(additional duck leg confit optional)

Hachis Parmentier is a French take on Sheperd’s pie with layers of mashed potatoes and beef, topped with melted cheese. A perfect dish for the fall! #comfortfood