Fresh peaches and ginger with a crispy, buttery, vanilla topping.  Perfect as is, or enjoy with a scoop of ice cream.

Delightfully creamy and smooth cheesecake, with a mix nut crust, and topped with mango  (4.5″ cheesecakes = 2-3 portions)

Brown sugar, oats, and juicy pears come together in this buttery and irresistible  pear and cranberry crisp. Oooh so good lightly warmed and topped with ice cream or whipped topping.

These Tartelettes aux Fraises (Strawberry Tartlets) with basil crème pâtissiere are made with tasty fresh strawberries on a rich vanilla cream infused with basil and shortcrust pastry.

This traditional French desert from the Limousin region is often made with cherries but is wonderful with pears. A light and not-too-sweet dessert. Enjoy it warm or cold, and you can also top it with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

A wonderfully light and not-too-sweet dessert with an almond meal frangipane and juicy pears. These can be enjoyed warm or cold.

This bright and colorful mousse is smooth, and airy, and bursting with berry flavors.