About the Chef

About Chef Alexandra

Alexandra is certified from Le Cordon Blue in Paris a professional culinary and patisserie chef, specializing in French and Mediterranean cooking.

Alexandra grew up in Paris and studied in both France and the US. She has always been a passionate cook and hosted many dinner parties for friends and family gaining skills from a few culinary classes and avid reading. After years working in international business and digital marketing, Alexandra took a break from the corporate world and returned to Paris to pursue a professional culinary certificate from Le Cordon Blue in Paris, graduating 2nd in her Cuisine class and 3rd in Patisserie. Alexandra has also taken studied at L'Ecole Lenôtre Pavillon, LaVArenne, The Institute Of Culinary Education, La Maison Arabe in Morocco, and Lets Cook in Instanbul to name just a few. Today, Alexandra offers her services as a personal chef, and prepares creative weekly menus, with French and Mediterranean influences, for the Washington DC area.

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