A wonderfully light and not-too-sweet dessert with an almond meal frangipane and juicy pears. These can be enjoyed warm or cold.

These cookies are an irresistible blend of a chewy cookie (like a peanut butter cookies but using almond butter instead) and a blend of all your favorite nuts (almonds, pecans, and walnuts).

Traditional French Crème Brûlée with a delicious rich custard base enriched with a deep rich caramel and topped with a light crust of caramelized sugar. You can’t go wrong with this classic.

This quintessential french dessert is one of my favorites. Creamy, yet airy, delightfully chocolaty with Lindt dark chocolate, and all around delicious.

A new version of your childhood favorite with roasted salted peanuts, resulting in a super crunchy and delightfully salty-sweet treat.

Taking advantage of the all-things-pumpkin season, this is a twist on my classic lusciously creamy and velvety smooth crèmes brûlées recipe.

A classic French tart – luscious and tangy with the perfect balance of sweetness, and bursting with lemon-y goodness.

This bright and colorful mousse is smooth, and airy, and bursting with berry flavors.

French cousin to a pound cake, made with a delicate blend of almond and white flour, and toped with a lemon glaze or optional Limoncello (contains alcohol) glaze. Portion size mini loaf (6cm x 11cm)