A perfect indulgence – a flaky buttery tart lined with toasted hazelnuts and filled with a rich creamy chocolate ganache.

‘Fudgy’ strawberry cake center, with freeze dried strawberries, and Lindt white chocolate on the outside.

Tarte à la Noix de Coco (French coconut pie) is a wonderful custard pie with a rich coconut filling. Delicious warmed or cold.

“Put a lime in the coconut… ” Vanilla coconut fudgy center envelope in a lime royal icing. 1 serving = 2 ball, package of 4 comes an elegant white gift box.

This was my absolute favorite pastry as a kid, and still is! Traditionally shared at Epiphany, on 6 January, it celebrates the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Bethlehem. Crispy puff pastry crust with almond cream filling. Serves 8-10. The small charm, or fève, hidden in the cake is a whole almond.

Chocolate and Baileys Irish Cream – inside and out. Order either 2 piece, or 4 pieces which comes packaged in an elegant white gift box. Choose your flavor combination.

Traditional French Crème Brûlée with a delicious rich custard base infused with lavender flowers and Provençal honey and topped with a light crust of  caramelized sugar. You can’t go wrong with this classic, with a South of France twist.